About us

Our mission is to support the long term viability of food production for people and the planet.

We do this by bringing AI to fruit quality and farm management across the supply chain, driving automation and interoperability between solutions, with simplicity and practicality at the forefront. We do this not because we can, but because we should – for the benefit of all.

Our story

Like many great success stories, ours began from very humble beginnings, with the support of some very special people. Growers.


Motivated by the extraordinary challenges that fruit growers face every day, our founders sought a better way. Our belief back in 2016 was that drones would solve industry problems. We found out how wrong we were…


“Drones? Get real! We’re just sick of writing out awful bin tickets!” shouted the growers. And so began Hectre and digital bin tickets became solution #1.


Fast forward to today, and Hectre now serves some of the largest fruit growers and packers around the world. More importantly, we’ve positively impacted the bottom lines of those we work with. 


And we continue to seek better… and to listen.

Company milestones


  • Development & launch of Orchard Management App
  • Hectre launches Timesheet module
  • First New Zealand customer sign on


  • First US customer joins Hectre
  • Hectre launches Scout module
  • First Australian customer joins Hectre


  • Industry consultation begins for Spectre AI development
  • Hectre launches Cherries module
  • Spectre for Apples AI is launched
  • Hectre launches Bilingual functionality


  • First Canadian customer signs on
  • Spectre Top Down AI prototype testing begins in Washington
  • Hectre wins global AgTech Breakthrough Awards
  • Spectre for Citrus AI is launched
  • Spectre AI hits milestone and sizes 20,000,000 pieces of fruit
  • First Italian customer signs on
  • Spectre for Color AI is launched
  • Pre-Series A capital raise is oversubscribed


  • Spectre for Cherries AI is launched
  • Hectre launches Minimum Wage Top Up automation
  • Hectre wins global AgTech Breakthrough Award once more
  • First Chilean customer signs on
  • Hectre launches API Integrations project
  • Spectre Top Down AI is launched
  • Hectre receives Stevie Award for Customer Service
  • Hectre launches Overtime/Double Time features
  • First Mexican customer signs on


  • Hectre is showcased at Fruit Logistica Berlin
  • Hectre announced double gold winners in Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards
  • Spectre AI hits milestone and sizes 68,000,000 pieces of fruit
  • Hectre hosts its first Hectre Bootcamp
  • Spectre Top Down AI Automation is launched
  • Hectre wins UPL Tech Innovation Award
  • Spectre for Pears AI is launched
  • Spectre AI Dashboard is released
  • Hectre wins global AgTech Breakthrough Award for the third year in a row
  • Deep-tech VC Nuance Connected Capital invests in Hectre
  • Spectre AI for Android is launched

Awards & recognition

The Stevie Awards

Best Customer Service

Front-Line Customer Service Professional of the Year (Bronze)

The Stevie Awards

Most Innovative Tech Start-up

Software (Gold)

UPL Tech Innovation Award

Horticulture Awards For Excellence

Best Innovative Software

AgTech Breakthrough Awards

Overall Supply Chain Solution of the Year

Value Chain

AgTech Breakthrough Awards

Overall Post Harvest Company of the Year

Post Harvest Systems

AgTech Breakthrough Awards

Overall Harvesting Provider of the Year

Harvesting Solutions

Our leadership

CEO / Co-founder

Matty Blomfield

10+ years of entrepreneurship. 7+ years in the ag sector. Led Hectre to become a globally recognized SaaS company in the fresh produce sector.

VP of Sales

Kevin Park

6+ years of growth leadership. SVP of Sales for Crimson Education ($1b SaaS). Led sales expansion into 20+ countries. Launched Hectre into European and South American markets.



Sagi Adiv

25 years of tech leadership. GM of Product at Xero. Head of P&T at Smartpay. Transformed Hectre’s development function, amplifying development velocity 10x.

Head of Product

Aaron Croft, PhD

6+ years of product leadership. Deep knowledge of packer market. Vision engineer at Tomra (ICOEL). Instrumental in strengthening Xero’s AI models and platform functionality. PhD Engineering.

Head of Customer Success

Luke Butters

5+ years of innovation leadership. Instrumental in the creation of Hectre’s computer vision solution Spectre. Building Hectre’s CS function to a world-class standard. Masters in Engineering.

General Manager, NA

Omar Gomez

10+ years experience in fruit production and post-harvest industries. Extensive knowledge of grower/packer complexities. Deep industry connections across North America, European and African markets.

Life at Hectre

Our culture and values

We believe in teams. Yours and ours. Our mission, culture, and commitment to fostering a diverse, inclusive workplace, powers the creation of meaningful solutions that benefit the world. 


We recognize that success is not achieved by individuals working alone, but through the collective effort of a team. We care about each other and the impact of decisions we make.


We value action and progress, rather than being paralyzed by indecision or over-analysis. We move forward to deliver innovation and iterate continuously, rather than waiting for perfection.


We empathize with and understand our customers’ needs, pain points, and desires. We gather deep customer input to inform product development and respond fast when issues arise. 


We strive for excellence and refuse to settle for mediocrity, or the easy way out. We continually seek the best outcomes for our customers and our team. We care about our work and the value we bring.

Supercharge your fruit

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