Hectre For Onions

Onions – the world’s most essential vegetable

It’s no wonder onions are such a favorite!

Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, they’re also extremely delicious and nutrient dense, which means you get so much goodness from just one small onion.

$7.53 billion

Global trade value of onions

18+ pounds

Size of the largest onion ever grown

102 million

Estimated metric ton production by 2026


The chemical in onions that makes us cry!

Fruit Sizing for Onions

Inventory visibility to improve storage, packing and sales decisions

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Customer Success Stories

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Hectre Fruit Quality AI is not only incredibly fast and efficient but also impressively accurate.

Gilbert Plath

Technology Program Leader, Washington Fruit & Produce.

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The main area of value for us is being able to fill special export orders early. Now with Hectre Fruit Sizing we derive the expected value from this early data.

Sierra Madre

Onions producer, Mexico

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Since having Hectre Fruit Sizing, annual repacking rates have fallen from 10% to 3%.

Steve Stewart

Assistant General Manager, Honeybear Brands

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