Track your harvest and improve your pick

Unlock more revenue from your harvest

Bin tickets made simple

Scan or Print On-the-Go

Real time data

Get access to your bin totals anytime

Enhance picker performance

Identify poor performance early, take action today

Harvest Features

Real time harvest tracking that powers productivity

Optimize your packout

  • Real-time crediting of buckets, lugs, and bins
  • Pinpoint pickers needing to improve
  • Compare and assess the performance of teams
  • Connect picking quality with volume by incorporating the Hectre QC module and Analytics Pro

Record bins, buckets. Easily.

  • Easy to use, fast logging of bins
  • Scan your existing bin tickets or create waterproof bin tickets on-the-go
  • Supports third-party barcode and QR code integration
  • Online plus offline functionality
  • Bilingual interface and support

Field data feeds your workforce dashboard

  • Workforce productivity analysis
  • Bin counts to assess harvest progress
  • Analyse costs by job, orchard, block and variety
  • QC insights for performance identification

Traceability for your orchard

  • Make audits easy
  • Trace your fruit back to where it was picked 
  • Scan, print bin tickets in the field to assign, add data
  • Scan tickets at the packhouse to connect data automatically to your existing systems
  • Provide early access to inventory data for managers and packhouses before they receive the fruit
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Customer success stories

Discover how growers are gaining the advantage with Hectre.

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Hectre is saving us about 90 minutes of time each day, per crew leader.

Brayton deVoir

Ranch Manager, Borton Fruit

900+ Staff

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Having reliable customer service was at the top of the list for us

Rachel McClaskey

General Manager, McClaskey Orchards LLC

700+ Staff

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With Hectre, we can trace our fruit right back to the picker and the block. 

John Evans

Manager, RJ Flowers

100+ Staff

Integrating for your benefit

We streamline your workflow with fast onboarding and payroll integrations, ensuring compliance and ease of use. Our team constantly adds new integrations to enhance value for our customers. Let’s discuss integrating your preferred software to optimize your operations.

Case study: Borton Fruit

The benefits Borton Fruit have gained from implementing the Hectre app for timesheets, and harvest management.
Less Paper. More Time. Reduced Costs. Better Record Keeping. Easily Accessible Data.

Case study: RJ Flowers

How R J Flowers Ltd said goodbye to double and triple-handling of information, unnecessary paperwork and handwritten bin cards, how they gained efficiencies and improved traceability, and were able to put the focus back on QC. 

Supercharge your fruit

Reach out to learn how Hectre’s practical solutions can support the success of your operation.