Effortlessly manage complex payroll requirements

Better payroll processes for growers and their workers

All in one

Wages, piece rates, employees & contractors, all in one.

Have confidence in your numbers

Pay the right people the right amount

Meet compliance needs

Easily manage breaks, leave, OT and DT


Comprehensive. Simple to use.

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Customer Success Stories

Discover how growers are gaining the advantage with Hectre

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We can save up to 15 hours a week now with Hectre payroll.

Canaan Balck

Orchard Production Manager, Hoddy’s Fruit

150+ Staff

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With Hectre, information is exported from the app, and payroll only takes half the time.

Rachel McClaskey

General Manager, McClaskey Orchards

700+ Staff

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We don’t need to manually transfer information anymore – timesheets and payroll are automated!

Brett Kast

General Manager, Kast Farms

200+ Staff

Integrating for your benefit

We streamline your workflow with fast onboarding and payroll integrations, ensuring compliance and ease of use. Our team constantly adds new integrations to enhance value for our customers. Let’s discuss integrating your preferred software to optimize your operations.

Case study: McClaskey Orchards

How McClaskey Orchards cut their payroll processing time in half and what it means to have quick access to cost data.

Case study: Hoddy's Fruit Company

How Hoddy’s Fruit Company said goodbye to paper-based payroll, quality control, bin tickets, and record-keeping by switching to the Hectre Orchard Management App.

Supercharge your fruit

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