Save time and ensure compliance with Hectre Spray

Streamline your agrichemical applications

Spray management made easy

Instantly create, share, and plan your spray applications in advance

Ensure compliance

Centralize and simplify spray record-keeping for compliance

Determine the earliest harvest date

The spray module will automatically calculate pre harvest intervals

Spray Features

Save time and ensure compliance with our easy-to-use Spray Module

Efficient spray operations: from planning to compliance

  • Create and share spray applications
  • Advance planning & scheduling
  • Auto-calculate earliest pick dates
  • Clear operator instructions
  • Easy plan sharing & duplication

Store all settings in one place

  • Log your operators’ license details
  • Manage list of agrochemicals
  • Record sprayers and capacities for easy calculations
  • Keep all records in one place
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Customer Success Stories

Discover how growers are gaining the advantage with Hectre

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The Hectre team is approachable and supportive, always taking the time to understand our needs.

Erica Henare

Pip Fruit & Kiwi Fruit Manager, Kono Horticulture

150+ Staff

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Most technology offerings didn’t fit the bill. Hectre was the comprehensive orchard management solution we were looking for.

Bill Nyblad

Orchard Manager, New Leaf Orchards

500+ Staff

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The switch also had to be fast and easy, and that’s why we decided to give Hectre an opportunity over other alternatives out in the market.

Rachel McClaskey

General Manager, McClaskey Orchards

850+ Staff

Integrating for your benefit

We streamline your workflow with fast onboarding and payroll integrations, ensuring compliance and ease of use. Our team constantly adds new integrations to enhance value for our customers. Let’s discuss integrating your preferred software to optimize your operations.

Supercharge your fruit

Reach out to learn how Hectre’s practical solutions can support the success of your operation.