Capture problems in the field at the source

Get the job done right, first time

Identify. Record. Action.

Spot issues and assign tasks effortlessly

Detect patterns

Track by block, issue or variety to understand patterns of concern

Monitor status at a glance

Easily track progress and resolution from your phone


Record and allocate tasks quickly and easily

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Customer Success Stories

Discover how growers are gaining the advantage with Hectre

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Thanks to Hectre’s Scout, we can effectively tag and manage problem areas. The geolocation feature allows us to precisely pinpoint and return to specific locations.

Milo Oyler

Ranch Manager, Traesure Apple Ranch

100+ Staff

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Most technology offerings didn’t fit the bill… Hectre was the comprehensive orchard management solution I was looking for.

Bill Nyblad

Orchard Manager, New Leaf Orchards

100+ Staff

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Jen was able to answer 60% of my questions immediately. And for the few times she needed to look into things further, I never waited over 24h for a resolve.

Umlor Orchards

100+ Staff

Integrating for your benefit

We streamline your workflow with fast onboarding and payroll integrations, ensuring compliance and ease of use. Our team constantly adds new integrations to enhance value for our customers. Let’s discuss integrating your preferred software to optimize your operations.

Case study: Kast Farms

Discover how New York apple grower Kast Farms leveraged the Hectre App to enhance their QC processes, improve efficiencies, reduce labor costs, and utilize more reliable data for more informed decision-making.

Case study: Traesure Apple Ranch

Discover how the Oyler family, leveraged the app to boost harvest efficiencies, combat pest issues, and make informed decisions with accurate and reliable data.

Supercharge your fruit

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